Thursday, 27 December 2007

Talib Kweli

As you can see in this photo, Talib Kweli is wearing one of a kind Air Max's, a limited Undr Crwn Jacket, a custom New Era fitted and pressed LRG jeans. I am dressed in the finest tailored Dickies, a very hard to find Avenger Grip shirt, and some old SB's. What you can't see is the Hummer with 48" Daytons that I parked in front of Yume Bk . Peep the whole story in the next issue of kicksclusive, or see a rare portrait of Talib here.


Love your neighbour

It's the holidays, be good to your neighbors.


Via Dance

These are two frames from a shoot I did with the Via Dance Collaborative a while back. Their Dance Company is very prolific with really fun shows and have new and exciting performances all the time. Check the link for more info.



The Dogs

Not only is this the roughest album art of all time, this album is a classic that dropped in 1990 on J.R Records, before the revised parental advisory sticker. Disco Rick was the DJ for the Gucci Crew II, left to do his only thing with The Dogs and turned out to be ahead of his time. Rick is Miami's version of Kool Keith, a mix of hard core slow funk and early Miami Bass with topics like politics "F*ck the President", sex "Take It baby", and violence, "Who Gives a F*uck?". Peep this link for a long article.


Happy Smoke

Another snap from a series in San Fran.


Who is Patty Dukes?

Acting, rapping, teaching, writing, styling, editing, radio show hosting, traveling, and art making, watch out world. Big up Patty Dukes!


Monday, 24 December 2007

Downtown Science

Blockhead recently dropped "Uncle Tony's Coloring Book," and he is not on the cover of Rolling Stone, something is wrong. Was "Music by Cave Light," and Downtown Science" (Ninja Tune) not enough!?!? Dude has to be one of the most slept on producers of all time. Aesop Rock has known his genius for years, now its your turn if you have never heard his music, go buy some. You can check him out in the pages of next months Kicksclusive with really amazing interview by Liv Larsen and more fresh pictures, or see more click here.


Sunday, 23 December 2007


So at the Sneaker Pimps show awhile back, when Nas, EPMD, MC Ricky D, and Jeru killed it, I was at the bar with my homie Mary P when I noticed who I thought was Dres from Black Sheep chillin' right next to us. I asked Mary who confirmed it to be true and introduced me, He agreed to the photo, cracking a joke, then took me to the gun show of sorts. Dres is still making good music, and told me he is working on an album with Mista. Lawnge.


Cookin' it up

These are some snaps from a job I did around this time last year for Royal Prestige. This Chef whipped up a meal for 50 people in the same amount of time it takes me to prepare a bowl of pasta.






Saturday, 22 December 2007

Amanda Diva

This girl cracked me up on set, Amanda Diva is a real joker and gave me shit for everything, to many lights, too slow, studio is too big (Pier 59 Studios), I am too short (6'1), my outfit was all wrong. When I wasn't laughing I managed to snap a few good shots! The next issue of Kicksclusive is going to be extra fresh, check for the whole story in the Ladies of the Sneaker Game special, or see more here.


Friday, 21 December 2007


One day I arrived home from work around, 4:20 and noticed this cloud formation.


Duck Down!

This is one of the most amazing 12" cover art pieces I've ever seen, the song matches the ferocity of the image, word.


On some next ish'

Another snap from San Fran.


West Side Highway

New York isn't the greatest place to ride bikes, especially those with no breaks. That's why I love the West Side Highway, other than Prospect and Central Parks, its the only place you can dumb out without worry, and the view is great. This snap is a view looking south from about 70th st.



This is from the roof of an apartment in Park Slope.


Uphill, both ways, 20 inches of snow, no gloves.

Heres another snap from a really cool series I did while on a work trip in San Fran. This view is from close to the top of Telegraph Hill. Big ups to anyone who rides a fixed gear bike in SF, walking around that town is hard enough.
see more Here


Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Certs without the Retsyn

Wesley Williams is the best emcee from Canada. Dropping the classic "Let your backbone slide", on the album "Symphony in Effect" in 89 was the first of 5 great studios albums. Always staying true to The North in 94 Wes tried to do this thing and make some cake going south of the border to record, "Naah, This kid Cant be from Canada?!?!?", which is a good album but got no play. Returning to his roots turned out to be a good thing, Wes has gone on two receive two Junos and other awards for more than music. Dropping radio friendly tracks like "Stick to your vision", and "416/905" with good videos and positive messages without departing from his style or sounding like a sucka, Wes managed to break commercial ground and stay true. "Certs without the Retsyn", was always one of my fave track from Wes,

"I'm comin', strait outta' Canada, far from an amateur, LT's my DJ, Flex is my manager, I flow so nice so they callin' me the Maestro, just pass the microphone, fuck a light show."

Drivers Licences

This dude allowed me to photograph him if I entertained his plans to overthrow the deli across the street. He also asked me not to reveal his scheme to anyone, especially to the gnome who was screaming at the mail box next to him.
Peep site here

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Saturday, 15 December 2007

View To A Spill

This is just another random photo that I really like, I snapped this early September from my hotel window in San Fransisco. Despite the decor, and homeless dude asleep in the corner the steak and eggs were pretty good for $3.50

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Become Your Dream

James De La Vega was busted painting a mural on a blank wall in the boogie down the summer of 2003. He turned down a years probation refusing to apologize that his intent was to damage property. He later apologized to the store owner, and got 50 hours community service. James is always at his store on St. Marks Place and is a really nice dude, stop buy and check out his art, he's got gifts and cool stuff for everyone. This is picture a snapped for Urban Latino Magazine see more here.

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Urban Latino sits with artist James de la Vega

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Friday, 14 December 2007

Full court press

I snapped this today while riding along the west side hwy.

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Monday, 10 December 2007


As far as slept on producers go, Brandon Manitoba's own mcenroe is among them. His record label Peanuts and Corn Records as put out plenty of records, all worth checking for.

Sunday, 9 December 2007



Kish, aka Andrew Kishino is another Toronto emcee who made some noise in the early 90's helping shape the current sound of the city. Other than this song and video, Kish pretty much retired from rapping to be a voice over artist for some of your favourite video games such as, Metal Gear Solid, Ratchet and Clink,and Spider Man.

Kicksclusive on TV!

Big ups to Lou Colon, this episode of Branded aired in Canada on the CBC last year for a month. Japan and MTV are next, word, peep the the original here.

"If i gotta call everybody in the white pages, i will."
Birdapres, 'Get it Done'

Saturday, 8 December 2007


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When rappers make their own beats and do all the scratching, their albums always end up sounding very cohesive and consistent. These triple threat artists are a rare breed, among these triple threat emcees are Edan, J- Live, J-Zone, mcenroe, and Halifax Nova Scotia native Classified. Dude has a bunch of albums and videos including a very impressive track and mini movie to match with Detroit's own Royce da 5'9, "Unexplainable Hunger" from his new album "While You Were Sleeping". The video below is "No Mistakes", an inspiring track with a really good beat, from the album "Boy-caught in the industry" Class is one of Canada's best kept secrets, like oil reserves and ketchup potato chips.

Iomos Marad

If you are familiar with Cap D and All Natual, than you have heard the name Iomos Marad. If you haven't heard the name, and you love real hip hop, this is your lucky day. This Windy City emcee has been putting out good music for a minute and has two solid albums under his belt, "Deep Rooted", and "Go head", peep the link for the single "If Ever", from "GoHead", released last year on All Natural Inc. Iomos is an acronym for I'm On My Own Style, and by day Marad works as a law clerk, read more

Linton Kwesi Johnson

I was listening to Dr. Dicks Dub Shack, when I heard Linton Kweski Johnson for the first time. Within days I bought a few albums, including Force of Victory also a 2 disc Island Records anthology.
Mr. Brown is a Jamaican born London based renaissance man, published poet, visiting professor at Middlesex University, community activist, accomplished musician and business man. His music explores the African Caribbean in Britain as well universal politics with great beats and instrument use, he is also one of three people ever to have their works published by Penguin Modern Classics while still living.

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Tim Holland

MC Solone, aka Tim Holland has a lot to say. After appearing in the group Live Poets and releasing the now very rare "What's it all about?" album, sole went on to start the indie hip hop label/collective Anticon Records, responsible for some incredible material from artists Dose, why?, Telephone Jim Jesus, Jel, and Alias. His latest effort a collaboration with the Skyrider Band made up of dub drummer Bud Berning,John Wagner, and William Ryan Fritch. This album has a lot of depth, with a wide range of formats, with a great blend of instruments and layers to compliment soles multiple syllable verse style.

Monday, 3 December 2007

Count Bass D

Pure Bliss like Melvin, are all the reasons MFing
I'm the king, y'all brothers is getting vicked for your publishing
A lotta you rappers out here remind me of Stan Musial
You're good at what you do but it's not musical
I'm not mystical but I might confuse a few
You need to know that I'm much better than you
Better credit than you, greener letters than you
You and your crew coming through, ain't to do but do
You ain't gonna scare me into liking you
Real thugs don't rap, they key it up, t'all niggas is Theodore
Uh! Your broad is a fraud, she be hitting rappers since
Latin Quarters, Wild Style, and Style Wars
Brothers be losing their life to have mass appeal
You keep it real on the streets, keep it real on the reels

-Count Bass D
"On the Reels"

Representing Tennessee, with beats and rhymes universal, Count Bass D is dope.


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"So when you feel down like you don't belong
And you actually care about lyrics in a song
I got this brand new drug
And it's the bomb
Its called run back home and hug your mom!"
Return to Fernando mania

Need I say more? 2Mex is an amazing LA based rapper from one of the best crews on the West Coast, The Visionaries, also rolling thick with another one of illest WC crews the Shapeshifters. Putting out multiple albums with both crews, all kinds of tour and mix albums, including full LP's, Mex has enough albums available to, "fill a fat section at the mom and pops", literally. Almost every other verse is a hip hop quotable, he picks great beats to make diverse and creative albums, and works with many different artists. "B-Boys in Occupied Mexico" is a great album, also his collaboration record with MC/producer and fellow Shapeshifter Life Rexall titled $martyr; is not to be slept on. This is a picture I snapped of Mex on stage with AWOL ONE at a CMJ show in NYC years ago, there were less than 10 people at the show.

Master P is way better than 50 Cent.

There is no question that 50 Cent is not a lyricist. When I first heard "How to rob and an Industry...." I thought it was a gimmick track, a weak attempt to "diss everyone I can to get some attention" shit. Turns out, I was way off. It was actually the catalyst song to the rapper we now know as 50 "takin black folks back to Amistad" Cent.
I could fill twenty posts about how upset the image and message that Curtis Jackson promotes makes me, but I wont. I will leave it up to Master P to clown Fifty like a poop pie in the face. I have never been a fan of Master P's music, or cover art, but have always maintained that he was a impressive businessman and positive dude, outside of his lyrics. During some sort of press conference, while on camera 50 Cent recently tried to low ball MP saying that he {Master P} really doesn't sell records anymore. Which is a stupid comment for many reasons. Mainly that Master P has sold more records, and had more No Limit albums on the shelf than the G-Uint could ever dream of, before Curtis hit puberty. Percy Miller responded with an open letter loaded with words and language that Curtis may not understand, but at least he's rich enough to pay someone read it to him, G-G-G-G-Unit.

Sunday, 2 December 2007

Rare Neckface Photo

Here is another crazy picture from the LES, wasn't up for very long, can't image why. Peep the link for more of Neckface's art.

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Just a random photo I snapped in the LES..

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Ghetto Concept

Just another Canadian hip hop classic, JUNO award winning Ghetto Concpet, representing the Rexdale section of the Megacity, T.Dot. this song was crack in 98, I had doubles and killed it on various mix tapes.

First snow tribute, and blog name sake

Big up Mother Nature! Thanks for the snow, keep it coming, and I wouldn't mind seeing drop below 0 a few times this year either.
Also big up to MC's Thrust, Choclair, Kardinal Offcial, the Rascalz and Checkmate for this great song and video that always reminds me how amazing Canada and all its hip hop artist are. I don't know what happened to the Rascalz, they were really good, Redone has a really unique style, and they always had tight beats. "The Dreaded Fist" and "Top Of The World" with KOS and Barrington Levy are some super slamming tracks. About the time a left Canada in 2000 they had released some commercial friendly tracks with flashy videos that were pretty lame, but hey every ones gotta get paid, "Get rich, or die trying", right Fifty?

Saturday, 1 December 2007


hit me on aim... pickpocketdeluxe

Day dreaming

Picture this,
you, a mullet, wolf howling at the moon tattoo, a six pack between your feet, pack of Winston's, Jessica Alba riding shot gun with no place to be...

More pictures

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Lupe Fiasco

This is a rare photo that I have never shown anyone until now, I guess. I snapped this while shooting Lupe for our cover a few issues back, if you want to see the shot I snapped right before this one, or you want to see other famous rappers and pretty girls, peep this.

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Big ups to Dual Vanity for the hair and make up on so many shoots.

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Bet you dont have this.

This is another album I paid almost two weeks salary for back in 92. Its one of the most awful piece of shit albums I've ever heard, but for some reason if you want if for yourself its going to cost you about $180.00, don't believe me? Peep the link. I own over 200 tapes, 5 crates of records, and 300 plus CDs, a modest collection. A couple friends of mine in Oshawa have 400 plus tapes a piece. After I bought this stupid album I tried to get rid of it like crazy, trade it for anything, no takers. Mike "Uncle Arms" Gagne has the most tapes I've ever seen, he has damn near every thing, but wasn't interested in this craptastic symphony. But it seems like it paid off, if the album continues to appreciate I'll sell it in 20 years for like, 30 G's. I will take this opportunity to "Foxy Brown" Mike, buy cashing my check for straight cash, while in a public place, like the the Oshawa Center, in front of the movies I'll throw the massive wad of cash right in his stinkin' face.

Rappers from Saskatoon?

Say Saskatoon Saskatchewan 10 times fast,while rubbing your tummy and patting your head. Kay the Aquanaut calls Saskatoon home, a good sized Canadian prairie town also know as "The Paris of the Prairies" for all the bridges that cross the Saskatchewan River. Certainly not named as so for its weather, Saskatoon will regularly drop to -50 in the winter, so you better bundle up if you are going out for a smoke pal. Peep this Kay track "Nothing Lasts Forever" from his third album "Spinning Blue Planet" produced by hometown buddy and label mate Factor.


London based graffiti, political street artist Banksy will be showing various pieces at the Vanina Holasek Gallery, in NYC. Dude is amazing, really.

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Cormega x AZ x Nature

This track is tight, AZ is in fine lyrical form here. Cormega has a new DVD and soundtrack out "Who am I?"

Chicago Old School

Before Kanye and Common made The Windy City famous, there were a few dudes laying the foundation. On the free style end, MC Juice made a name for himself for being so nice with freestlyes, everyone thought it was written. Another group that make some noise was Tha Chamba who dropped "Makin illa Noize" a mostly slept on album that sounds like a good mixture of early west coast slow flow beats, with the complex city slang that became popular in the 90's.

Kool Moe Dee

Where the hell is Kool Moe Dee? The Treacherous Three need to make a come back quick time, Jay-z should sign Moe Dee to a multi album deal, and focus all of Def Jam's advertising dollars on his albums. Think I'm joking?



I really love throw ups in tough places, Host killed this spot

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Laura Stylez

Heres a great shot of the super cool and very hot Laura Stylez from the Ladies of the Sneaker Game special that will run in the next issue of Kickscluisve... to see more click this.

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The Darkest One

It's been a while since I've been home to Canada. I get home sick easy and want to jump on Loser Cruiser (greyhound), but when I look at my bank account and realize I'm a poor as a church mouse, I listen to the Tragically Hip to do some audio traveling. I've listen to the Hip for as long as I can remember, I really don't have a favourite song, but "The Darkest One" is up there, mainly because i really love The Trailer Park Boys, and this video. I would have to say though "Wheat Kings" may just be one of the better Hip songs for a few reasons. One day maybe 'Merica will get wind of Gord Downey and the crew, until then I'm damn glad he and his band mates are from Canada.

The Cuf


The California Underground Funk homies need some serious shine. RJ, Krush, Pete, DJ Mad G, and N8 the G8 are the Sacramento crew with hella props on the west coast. Their flow is laid back, funky, and really raw, which is refreshing as hell. Reminds me of when my crew used to record vocals through a head phone, straight to a tape from inside the bathroom draped with towels. Pete B, N8 the G8 and Mad G make up the group Deep Fried Funk Brothers, who just released their second album to date, "Out of the frying pan into the fire". This album is so damn funky it's had not to want to get up and dance, the lead Single "This beat is Funky," features N8s son Lil N8 is a great example. The Cuf are as underground as it gets, make amazing music and vibe like family with 5 albums as a crew, and solo albums from RJ, Pete and N8.

Tuesday, 27 November 2007


"Stop acting like a know it all, i haven't finished my question!"
Adeem won scribble jam and can really write songs too, Maker knows how to make beats that make you think, and DJ DQ is handy with the 1's and 2's. Glue makes music. Good rap music at that, with two full LP's and a couple world tours behind them, these dudes are ready for MTV.

How many Emcees?


Buckshot is the epitome of the Brooklyn Emcee. Black Moon is just amazing, "Enta da Stage" is a classic, 5 mic and two turntable album. You gotta love how low budget these productions were back then, heads were mad young in this video. Boot Camp played a show in my home town of Oshawa Ontario, (the greatest hockey city in the world, yup, the world) in 1994 and it was incredible. I went to the show with some of my boys and between the cheap 40's, aerosol, and unconscious head nodding, I suffered a serve head ache in the morning. Boot Camp are still killing stages all over world, still making ill music, BBC is the truth.
This is a picture i snapped for Kicksclusive at Premium Goods in Brooklyn, see more here.

Monday, 26 November 2007

Tonya Morgan

If you have never heard of Tonya Morgan then you don't watch enough porn, or dig in enough crates. The BK/Cincinnati connection, emcees Donwill and Ilyvas, with beats and cuts by DJ/Producer, Von Pea, (pictured below) came together over the internet and put out their really good debut album "Moonlighting". The beats are tight, they have good raps, they vibe and flow as if they are nighbours, and will only get better. So even if you haven't heard their music, tell your friends you have and they will think your cool.
See more here

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Packer Shoes, Jersey City

Just a couple of weeks ago i had chance to photograph and interview El Da Sensei at Packer Shoes in Jersey City, you'll have to wait til' the issue comes out to see the flicks of El, or peep my web site. In the mean time heres some shots from Packer Shoes, which has a really nice, rotating stock of the freshest foot warmers, and gear, you can also buy Kicksclusive there!! Packer Shoes

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