Tuesday, 27 November 2007

How many Emcees?


Buckshot is the epitome of the Brooklyn Emcee. Black Moon is just amazing, "Enta da Stage" is a classic, 5 mic and two turntable album. You gotta love how low budget these productions were back then, heads were mad young in this video. Boot Camp played a show in my home town of Oshawa Ontario, (the greatest hockey city in the world, yup, the world) in 1994 and it was incredible. I went to the show with some of my boys and between the cheap 40's, aerosol, and unconscious head nodding, I suffered a serve head ache in the morning. Boot Camp are still killing stages all over world, still making ill music, BBC is the truth.
This is a picture i snapped for Kicksclusive at Premium Goods in Brooklyn, see more here.

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