Tuesday, 20 November 2007

"You Smell like Mcdonalds in Wal-Mart"

I'm a big fan of rap music, and very much a believer in KRS-One's philosophy, if you will, which he states, "Rap is something you do, Hip-Hop is something you live". In the year 2 deezy 7 you must know it doesn't matter where your from, rather where you are at. What matters to me is good beats, good rhymes that are saying something that are not repetitive, negative, or stupid.
Canada is a big country, and Winnipeg is just about in the middle. It's very cold and very flat, and produced a really dope crew called Peanuts and Corn. mcenroe, John Smith, Pip Skid, DJ Hunnicut, Gruf, Yy and Birdapres round out the tundras finest. I could go on about how dope these dudes are, but I suggest you check out their site www.peanutsandcorn.com and download Pip Skids awesome new album "Pip Donahue" for free, also peep this video by Skratch Bastid , Jon Smith, and Pip...

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