Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Certs without the Retsyn

Wesley Williams is the best emcee from Canada. Dropping the classic "Let your backbone slide", on the album "Symphony in Effect" in 89 was the first of 5 great studios albums. Always staying true to The North in 94 Wes tried to do this thing and make some cake going south of the border to record, "Naah, This kid Cant be from Canada?!?!?", which is a good album but got no play. Returning to his roots turned out to be a good thing, Wes has gone on two receive two Junos and other awards for more than music. Dropping radio friendly tracks like "Stick to your vision", and "416/905" with good videos and positive messages without departing from his style or sounding like a sucka, Wes managed to break commercial ground and stay true. "Certs without the Retsyn", was always one of my fave track from Wes,

"I'm comin', strait outta' Canada, far from an amateur, LT's my DJ, Flex is my manager, I flow so nice so they callin' me the Maestro, just pass the microphone, fuck a light show."

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