Monday, 22 December 2008

A.R.C Polos

Peep these really fresh polos from A.R.C x Canterbury, see more at highsnob.


Society Original Products

Check out this behind the scenes video clip form a recent shoot with Society Origianl Products


Friday, 12 December 2008

Holy Smokes.

This is amazing.

Sunday, 30 November 2008

One Bar Left

Another free download from Weightless emcee illogic.


Wednesday, 26 November 2008

High Gloss

For all you mommy's and daddy's out there trying to keep your kids dressed just as fresh as you are, check out High Gloss for stylish gear for all those under three feet.



Check out this collection of amazing tables from around the world.


Sunday, 23 November 2008

Air Max

Air Max Ones are always fresh.


Zion I free mixtape

It seems these days artists are into giving away a mix tape or EP for free before their album comes out to promote. I think its a great idea, check out this free album courtesy the Zion I Crew hailing from LA, featuring Del, Rakka, Talib Kweli, and The Grouch. Don't forget Zion I has a full length album coming out January 27th.


Estate 5 Panel

Check out Estate LA for dope hats, including my favourite style, the 5 panel.


Saturday, 22 November 2008

Northface Purple Lablel

Peep this really fresh way to stay warm with the ROL Mountain Parker from Northface on their fancy men's line Purple Label.


Shad K


This Years CMJ Music Marathon featured a "Canadian Blast" at Arlene's Grocery with nothing but artists from North of the boarder, eh. Among those performing was by way of Kenya London Ontario's own emcee Shad K. After winning some serious scratch, (17,500 beans to be exact), in Toronto's 91.5 FM The Beat Radio Rhythm of the Future competition, Shad put out his first record "When This is Over" in 2005. In 07 Shad signed with Black Box Recording and put out the Juno Award nominated, and critically acclaimed album, "The Old Prince".
Since then Shad has gone on to tour Canada
I had a chance to catch up with Shad before the show to ask him a few questions:

Josh D: Peace Shad K, tell us where your from, and what you have going on...
SHAD: I am from London Ontario, that's where I grew up. I'm doing some writing, thinking about the next project, not working on it yet, but thinking about it.
JD: Tell me about "The Old Prince" and how that came to be.
SHD: How The Old Price Came to be is I signed with a label, Black Box Recordings in spring of 2007, and from that point forward set forth on the album. Conceptually things were fitting together already, I had a bank of stuff that I had written, and starting working with some producers, it was a pretty crazy hectic summer, but we got it done.
JD: To me the album seem to be aesthetically about a book of wisdom...
SHD: Cool, really it came down to that image of the Old Prince, and when I started to think about that, it started to connect with a lot of stuff I was seeing and reading...
JD: Were there any literary influences?
SHD: No there weren't any actually, it was more just that image that came to mind, out of, I cant tell you where, and that's just kinda the fun of music sometimes.
JD: Tell me about your first pair of sneakers..
SHD: Grade 5, we had a basketball team, and I was hype to make the team, so I asked my parents for a pair of kicks, and they got me these white Reebok's. And basically a the time, the scale was like you had you had Brooks, which was like basic gym class sneaker, then you could elevate to L.A Gear, Catapults were kinda ill.. or you could really come fresh, with Reebok's or Nikes... so I was excited about that pair.


JD: Do you have a big collection now, and how do you go about getting sneakers.
SHD: I don't have a big collection now, I do have couple new pairs from courtesy of Adidas, thank you Adidas, one is a high top teal couple, that is fly, but I like the standard white kinda basic, so I have a pair that is white a red, I love my Nike cross trainers for stomping around in.
JD: Rap now, how do you feel about it, an where do you see it going?
SHD: Rap right now, I feel like some of it doesn't have the feel, and I don't know if its me, or what, but most of it doesn't have the feel of the type of rap music that I like. But there is still lots of great music and the future, and feel good about the future, because Hip -Hop is a very young culture, it's changing and everyone takes it in their own direction, I take it in my own direction, and everyone does, so long as the heart of it is still the same, and its about having fun, self expression, and that sort of stuff, then I think the future is very bright..
JD: And how do you feel about the independent market right now?
SHD: The independent market is ill, ill, it allows me to have a career, you know.. because of the independent ways of making music and promoting music, its just opened everything up, its good for creativity, and its good for music.


After a warm Canadian welcome from a CBC radio host Shad took to the stage for the first time performing in NYC to a packed crowd. After introducing his band, a DJ and bassist, Shad got the crowd jumping right away, with a bouncy track, backed by a heavy bass, and precise cuts. Not soon after Shad brought out an acoustic guitar to accompany his spoken word like delivery before slowing adding the band back in the mix to keep the show live and diverse.
Shad has been compared to fellow Canadian emcee K-OS, and Windy City's native son Common, all good company, and fair comparison. But what sets Shad K apart from his peers is his honest, positive easy conversational type flow.
On the "The Old Prince" album Shad flexes multiple approaches to speaking his mind. On "I Don't Like To" he draws comparisons to modern culture, rappers and products, and how all the elements of modern life that can keep you dizzy. On the upbeat "Now a Daze" Shad goes through the motions as a modern man, outlining the simple struggles to make it in the cold world. On the funny "The Old Price Still Lives at Home" Shad gets into the struggles of getting older and having to pay for things yourself, and how expensive life can be.. "why get a bed and a couch, when you can slouch on a futon instead".
On the very powerful "Brother (Watching)" featuring his parents, Shad is speaking honestly and directly to the young black youth of today, and how modern imagery effects us all, as he explains;

And the fact that the tube only showed blacks
Actin the fool and I was watching...
(saturated with negative images and a limited range of
Possibilities is strange...)
And it's sad cause that naturally do
Sort of condition your mind and over time
That's what's attractive to you
So young blacks don't see themselves in
Scholastic pursuits
Or the more practical routes
It's makin' tracks or it's hoops

The Old Prince is one of the most well rounded and positive records I have heard in a long time, and serves as more proof that Hip- Hop is alive and well.
See more of Shad K here.


Melonie Diaz behind the scenes

Check out these behind the scenes snaps and interview with the Queen of Sundance, Melonie Diaz, peep her Myspace page for more pictures, filmography, and more.








Friday, 14 November 2008

The Original Large Professor


This past weekend I had the chance to sit down in Flushing Meadows Park in Queens with legendary producer and emcee, Large Professor.
Getting things started with his crew, Main Source -- which featured Toronto DJs K-Cut and Sir Scratch, and also emcee Mikey D -- the group dropped the classic album, "Breaking Atoms" in 1991. The album featured the funky and chart topping single "Looking at the front Door", and other conscious tracks like "A Friendly game of Baseball", "Just Hanging Out", and "Watch Roger Do His Thing".
From there Large P went on to be the man behind some classic rap albums and artists such as Common, Nas, Kool G Rap, and a Tribe Called Quest. Also keeping it local building hard hitting beats with fellow Queens emcees AZ, Cormega and Mobb Deep.
After dropping the single and video for 'Ijuswannachill' which was supposed to be on his first solo record "The LP", that was never released but earned some serious buzz. LP went on to sign with Matador records to drop the full length album "1st class" in 2002.
So after world tours, nightly DJ gigs and the very popular instrumental albums Large Professor Beatz Vol 1 and 2, whats up with Large Professor?

Josh D: Peace Large P. Tell us about your new album Main Source, how that came to be, the inspiration for the album and some of the artists and producers you worked with.

Large Pro: Main Source is the latest album that I have out right now, I'm just trying to reinstate what real Hip-Hop is, the boom bap, you what I'm saying, the colorful loops and things like that. Some of the dudes I worked with on this are true boom bap hip hop pioneers Jeru the Damaja Big Noyd, Mobb Deep, Lil' Dap of the Grouphome, Mikey D, he's a park originator, my dude Lotto on there, these are dudes that grab the mic in the park, so its all real hip hop.
I also got Marco Polo who produced a real banger "Hard Core Hip Hop", other than that I handled all the production myself. Oh and my man Professor KB hooked me up with some keyboards though.


JD: And what made you want to stick with the real hip hop, instead of adding a more commercial sound..

LP: There a lot of people out there right now that are trying all this different things, and styles that the industry is starting to look for. But that's not why I got into this for, I got into this for the original love of Hip-Hop and that's what I want to stick with.

JD: Are there any artists or producers you would like to work with in the future?

LP: The LOX is ill, Corey Gunz, Tanya Morgan, really anybody trying to rep that real Hip Hop, that boom bap.

JD: Tell me about your first pair of sneakers, or a pair of sneakers that made you love sneakers, and what is your collection like?

LP: Karim Abdul Jabar Adidas that had his face on the tongue, and after that is was on! Now i have about 70 pairs, some of them is classic joints that i don't wear any more, I just collect em' throw the boxes in there.[Closet]

JD: DJing and producing has taken you around the world is there anywhere that you were surprised at the sneakers?

LP: Japan! and Germany is ill because it holds down the original funky kicks, you see the funky kicks out there,the original b-boy kicks.


JD: What do you do to keep your style fresh, without being too trendy, and where do you go for your gear?

LP: I just go to the original places, I stick to the original receipt, man you know throw on some high tops some of the original colors, some of the color these days are hot if you can get some something to match with it. But you always good with a green or baby blue, or burgundy, you know a shade out of the norm, is always good money. Black on black is always funky, that's original b-boy styles, so I stick to those.
Sometimes I go out of the norm, and get some real colorful, crazy illness going on, mostly I stick to the classics.

JD: How do you feel about Hip-Hop right now and where do you see it going?

LP: Hip-Hop right now is still good, because we have the original Essene of what hip hop is about is getting crazy because it becoming more industrialized, making it harder for new people to differentiate what the original Hip-Hop is and whats all this new stuff is. I'm one of the original dudes who came from where all this originally came from, and I always try to uphold that.
Where is going.. No one knows because its been industrialized, but the foundation is still strong.

Large Pro's new album is a testament to classic boom bap rap music and from front to back is is a solid album with track for everyone. The First single and very catchy "Hot, Sizzilin, Scorchin' Torchin' Blazin", will be sure to lodge itself in your head for a few days. With a song for the ladies with "Sewin Love" a bass heavy ode to the streets "In the Ghetto", and a shout out to Queens on "To the Meadows". Large Pro gets busy on "Frantic Bars" and gets even hyper with the help of Mickey D and Lotto on "Pump Ya Fist Like This".
Large Professor is a staple in the rap game and with the release adds to his long list of classic tracks. Don't sleep in "Main Source" for one second, this will most def. be in my top 5 albums of the year.

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Melonie Diaz Cover

Check out this cover for Urban Latino featuring the lovely and talented Melonie Diaz. Stay tuned for a full portfolio in a couple of days!


Friday, 31 October 2008

Election Poem

Check out J. Smooth's poem fresh for the election.

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Self Portrait

This is a self portrait I randomly snapped on the subway and really like it. Checkout other peoples self capture here.


Friday, 24 October 2008

Random Snaps

Peep these random snaps from around the city. Stay tuned for an exclusive interview with Canadian emcee Shad live at CMJ.







Thursday, 23 October 2008

Tanner Goods Card Holder

The Basic Card Holder from Tanner Goods is anything but. For the launch of the premium series they’ve twisted the popular elephant print into luxury leather. The piece is limited to 30, and available both online and at their Hecklewood storefront.

Monday, 20 October 2008


This is a sneak peek to a fashion story featuring the lovely and talented Steph Dulce in the next issue of Urban Latino, peep Steph's blog here.


Friday, 17 October 2008

Robbed Without a Pistol

Peep this absolutely amazing free download from one of the most versatile and prolific producers that not enough people know, Count Bass D. On his own and with True Ohio Players P.N.C J. Rawls, Count has a long list of albums, holding down a 8 inch section at the mom and pops record store. Count Bass is known by heads for dropping rare, European only release, tough to find wax, and well sourced beats. I have had "Robbed without a Pistol" playing non stop since I got it, check out Dwight's blog and make a donation if you can, this album is worth it.

<span class=

Saggy Pants

I was heading to happy hour after work today passing by the Apple store at 14th and 6th and saw this jerk checking his email. And just in case you think this is a cool look, be careful were you show your ass, Trenton NJ is one of many cities cracking down on saggy pants.


Sunday, 12 October 2008

Been a minute

My bad. Its been a minute since I hit the blog on the regular, but I've been on the grind, and have lots of cool stuff and stories to show for it.
First off, I would like to start with a consumer product review of a particular pair of Bose earphones. Your might have seen these fancy looking black and white earphones danggaling from peoples ears on the subway, or on the store shelf for $99.99. Melissa bought a pair, because they are expensive and have a good brand name figuring they would be good. Two days later, she gave them to me, I did'nt love them, but they were better than the ones I had. Right away I lost the only ear pieces that fit my ears, having to go three stores before I found replacements. Within days they were lost again. They collected dust for a few weeks until I took them on a trip, not soon after realizing one ear was'nt working. Save your money, Bose earphones are garbage.


Was walking by Pinkberry the other day and noticed their sign, stupid.


Friday, 10 October 2008

Beat Down Season

My homie Rack Lo from the Lo Life Crew has a long awaited new solo album dropping "Beat Down Season". After the very dope album with fellow Lo Life Thirstin Howl The Third "Lo Down and Dirty" Rack dropped a few mix tapes including the "Golden Era Terror" a ode to popular tracks from the nineties. Peep that cover art!! Big ups Jason Colon for the amazing graphics.


Thursday, 9 October 2008

Alador and Smith

Peep these fresh new adds I shot for Alador & Smith, featuring Tek from Smif N' Wessun.


Friday, 3 October 2008

Rap Music

Just copped this new release from Polish beatsmith's The Returners and Brick City emcee El Da Sensei, "Global Takeover". This is rap music like it should be, every song could easily be a lead single. El rides every beat like he has had it in his possession for years, while the Returners build beats custom for Da Sensei's flow. There is a certain energy and excitement that existed during the nineties that El was a big part of, The Returners channel that energy to put together a soon to be classic album.

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J and J

Last Year Blu hooked up with producer Exile to drop the incredible, "Below the Heaven's" album, and since then Blu has been been on the grind.
This is his most recent collaboration with Mainframe to form Johnson & Johnson.

Monday, 29 September 2008


Peep this dude Roadsworths work, very clever.


Nice coffee cup!

It takes a lot for a coffee cup to impress me. Hell, if no cups were available I would probably have the barista pour coffee into my cupped hands. Still, it is hard not to be taken aback by the nerdy coolness of this zoom lens design. Unfortunately, the cup is only a concept at this point, and making one for yourself could prove to be an expensive little project. But I would be the first in line to buy one if someone produced a version at a reasonable price. [yok2008 via Coolbuzz via Shiny Shiny via Dvice] Via Gizmodo

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Jersey City Magazine

These are a couple snaps from a story in the current issue of Jersey City Magazine of an amazing refurbished Pattern Makers Factory slash house.



Wednesday, 17 September 2008

A Year of Heavy Losses

A year ago, financial companies were flying high. But as problems in the mortgage and credit markets have grown, the stocks of many Wall Street firms have been hard hit. Some of the biggest companies have been bought out, taken over by the government or gone bankrupt. The collapse of so many major financial institutions in the past year, and over the past few days especially, is hard to fathom in its enormity. Sometimes you need a good visual to put things in perspective. The New York Times has an interactive graphic up on its site that pretty much says it all. It shows that $4 trillion has been wiped off the total market capitalization of the U.S. stock market since last October. Of that, nearly $1 trillion is from the decline in the financial sector alone.

Check it out HERE

Group Posts E-Mail Hacked From Palin Account

Vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin's private Yahoo e-mail account was hacked, and some of its contents posted on the internet Wednesday. The internet griefers known as Anonymous took credit for the intrusion, and screenshots of e-mail messages and photos belonging to the Alaska governor have been published by WikiLeaks. Threat Level has confirmed the authenticity of at least one of the e-mails. Palin has come under fire for using private e-mail accounts to conduct state business. Critics allege that she uses the account to get around public records laws, as the Bush administration has also been charged with doing.


Sunday, 14 September 2008


Peugeot is Europe's second largest car maker behind the peoples car, Volkswagen, how redundant. The French auto maker started by making coffee grinders, later developing bicycles. This is their latest concept car for 2008, see more cool designs here.


Saturday, 13 September 2008

K1X celebrates its Bavarian heritage by launching it’s own limited Oktoberfest silhouette.

K1X outta Munich, Germany celebrates its Bavarian heritage by launching it’s own limited Oktoberfest silhouette the: „K1X Meet the Parents (O`zapft is)“. The kicks are all horse leather with the Bavarian national coat of arms is lasered on the heel, the blue and white Bavarian diamond pattern on the clear rubber sole and K1X’s “Play hard, don’t embarrass our products” claim on tongue was remixed to “Drink hard – don’t embarrass our products”. These exclusives are limited to 198 pair and will only available during the weeks of Oktoberfest at and Foot Locker Munich.

More Pics over at

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