Wednesday, 16 January 2008


Working in the Balacade in Bala Muskoka was my first job ever. Paul Arney owned the 'Cade as its known to local Balaonians, and put me to work for three summers, 89, 90, and 91. It was in 1991 when I was a huge Buffalo Bills fan, and wanted to see a game live real bad. So that summer I worked full time at the arcade, and did side jobs to save money to get tickets to a game and a fresh winter jacket. My uncle got us tickets and we drove to Buffalo where I bought a brand new down blue Buffalo Bills jacket at local sports shop before we went tailgating. I saw the Bills play the Giants, in a mostly uneventful and low scoring exhibition game . What was interesting about that season, is that the Bills would have a dream year, and meet the same Giants later in Super Bowl XXV. Whitney Houston belted out the national anthem in Tampa Bay, while the Gulf War was in full swing in Iraq and W's daddy was the President. It was a close game, the Giants where able the contain Thurman Thomas ground attack, while Ottis Anderson had a career game for the Giants, running 102 yds. Things looked good for the Bills, this being their fourth straight trip the the Super Bowl, the energy was all theirs, this was their year. Late in the fourth quarter with the Giants up 20 - 19, 20 seconds left, place kicker Scot Norwood lines up to seal the deal, giving the Bills their first ever Championship, and history is made,



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