Saturday, 5 January 2008

Bobbito Garcia


For our last issue of Kicksclusive we did a feature on Bobbito Garica, who was nice enough to let Louis and I photograph him at his home in Harlem. We got amazing shots. But for some reason Lou thought we needed more, so he set up another shoot at the Nike Air Force One show room downtown. I arrived on time, as did Bob. Lou was running late, so the manager let us into the show room to hang out. Turns out there's a regulation hoop and a few balls kicking around. I played ball in high school and didn't suck. In fact, I started every year but one. Anyway, it had been a minute since I had even shot a ball at a hoop. Right away Bob starts shooting around. I join in, working in my handle for a minute before sending up the first of many air balls and bricks that would follow. "It's been a minute," I say while the ball was in the air, clearly 10 feet short and to the left. I soon give up to send the ball back to Bob as he knocks down 20 to 25 20 ft jumpers in a row, putting on a clinic. Not soon after, Lou comes in and sees us playing, asking, "Who's winning?" Bob replied, "A' man, he killed me." Bobbito is a cool dude, and one of the best representations of what hip-hop is meant to be. See more pictures here.

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