Thursday, 17 January 2008

Kid Koala

What sets DJs apart is their ability to communicate a message over the beat without speaking. Any one with two turntables and a mixer can throw on an instrumental and break out a million transformer scratches, doubles and wild crab solos. But to actually speak with your hands, and tell a story with breaks and samples is what makes a DJ stand out. Kid koala makes music with his hands, literally. Peep the video below for a perfect example, dude also drew an animated the whole thing himself. If that is not proof enough he also wrote a 350 page book called "Nufonia must Fall" and composed a soundtrack on the piano to match. Koala has one of the fastest crabs in the world, second has to be Kanye's back up man, and fellow Montrealer A-Trak.
Koala is on the Hard Sell tour right now with DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist, check his really fresh site for dates, and all kinds of other cool shit.

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