Monday, 18 February 2008


Was thinking about that song by Atmosphere, "Guns and Cigarettes" when I made this.


Rappers steppin' to me
They wanna get some
But most of them should go and try to boost their monthly income
Speaking over beats is the only time I feel complete
I don't hear the weak and I don't fear defeat
So what you got?
Connect the dots, I'll raise the pot
Remove the blood clot from the brain of hip hop
The name remains in tip-top shape
I'm still the back rapper scapegoat in the aim of their hate
I came in late, took a chair in the rear
But my classmates were unaware how long I'd really been there
My peers have been held back for years, holding back the tears
Everybody knows our name like we was the cast from "Cheers"
So here's to the good times, tonight is mighty special
So fasten your seatbelts, cause I'm gonna launch this vessel
Ain't gonna land until I'm bigger than Espo
And bigger than ecstasy and bigger than techno

I wanna bigger than Jesus and bigger than wrestling
Bigger than the Beatles and bigger than breast implants
I'm gonna be the biggest thing to hit these little kids
Bigger than guns, bigger than cigarettes

-Slug "Guns and Cigarettes"

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