Sunday, 2 March 2008

Classic Eldorado

When I played hockey in Oshawa for the Little NHL Blackhawks we had 6 am Saturday morning practice in Orono, a small village an hour and half north. We used to car pool with other players and I can remember someones dad had an two door Eldorado, and would pick up two other kids for the early morning trek north. The back seat was all tore up, with trash, fast food bags, cigarette boxes, and empty oil tins leaking through the whole in the floor boards. He also chain smoked with the window open just a crack cause the heater didn't work and butted every smoked out in the car. Not only that but we were always late cause he had to fill up at least twice on the way, and could never find his way back to the main road, resulting in extra wind sprints for my Du Maurier weak lungs.


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