Tuesday, 29 April 2008


While preforming on stage in New Haven Ct on the "Stop the Violence" tour KRS One was hit by a bottle thrown by an asshole fan angry with the bouncers for some reason. KRS kept a level head, telling the crowd at Toad’s Place nightclub: "Let it go. Let it go. When negativity comes your way, let it go. …Let this be an example as to how we stop the violence."
KRS was rushed to the hospital when his hand became swollen, and was treated for a fractured hand and dehydration. Doctors urged him to postpone dates the tour.

Big up KRS-ONE.

KRS is possibly the g.o.a.t, on that note this is the best rap video of all time, maybe it's a little heavy on the green screen, but it came out it 99 when the technology was fresh. I consider the emcee line up, the beat and the creativity and would really love to hear what the readers of Northern Touch think are the best rap videos.


Emcee Insight from Boston Mass is another incredible word-smith with a steady and original flow. This is a great example of Insights perspective and colourful language from "The Blast Radius" album, his partners in rhyme make up the group Electric, Dahga and The Humble Magnificent Edan .

With every situation your personality sharpens
You learn from mistakes to avoid aggravation
Lack of patience leads to frustration
I evolve 360 degrees,
trees touch the space station
Lust is a safe haven
craving to work its way in
Love caves in the notion thus changing emotions
Oceans dissolve snakes and fish crawl
Young bully told a boy he couldn't play kick ball
Never think small or risk all, skip all pit falls
Think dense six sense miss sit tall
A thief?s son grows up to be a crook in a shop
Is looking shocked when computers transform into cops
'Cause they evolve
and learned a lesson a confession was called
When you adapt come back,
only when troubles resolved
With any one involved dissolve the good from the bad
Homeless man finds cloths in a nook and is glad
See we observe what's around us to grow to step two
'Cause I evolve into a leader slow and so can you
Be a believer,
'cause people tried to hold me back
Told me what I couldn't do but I knew better than that
So I evolved into a Jack of all trades
That's how I succeed these days
The mainstream is a phase
Dark skin that we've evolved
blocks out sun rays
Thick eye brows of mine size down the glaze
I painted murals in the eight grade & girls were amazed
As I evolved to do the same by using words on a page
Wasn't the most popular cat in Curley Sharon or Latin
Seaside High school in Cali I started a group rapping
Emcees wanted to fight us
Teachers would break up ciphers
I hated English, yet I evolved into a writer
And in spite of the fact that I had lack of support
From friends or relationships, I traveled up north
Lived in Boston an visited family in New York
Got my licence at 15 a studio was a dream
And yo I started with a profit 2000 keyboard
But that evolved into the laboratory where I record
Spilling acid on cats I burn scraps of irrelevance
Intelligence is evidence that?s suggested by a specimen
Success is when you evolve and the puzzle is solved
See I surpass obstacles cause I can walk through walls

See I evolve into a man from a baby
Braided little girl with dolls evolve into a grown lady
Who leaves when she feels like a situation is shady
Notice she could spot a player whose picture painting like crazy
She evolved now because she sees it all like the matrix
In calculus Insight skipped to advanced from basic
I evolved yes y'all and stand five feet tall
I use speech to bust rhymes through a concrete wall

By now I can assume you know the title of the song
But if you had to ask the question something highly is wrong
You should evolve smarten up an now the problem is solved
When the mind can reverse from what is solid and small
Pay attention and change habits
If you?re in a maze, map it
For headaches take tablets that's placed in the gray cabinet
But don't blame anybody for doing what's wrong
You should evolve and move on just like your head to the song
Cause see we're changing everyday either to be a better person
Or shady cause it's crazy in the crevice that you work in
Whatever but I?m certain if you know it's closed curtains
You evolve and learn fast or the situation worsens

Monday, 28 April 2008

The Hood

In one mans opinion most automobile companies designs have only gotten uglier. There are a few classics, but for the most part cars made after about 1985 are cheap and boring.



Saturday, 26 April 2008

Night Shift

I really enjoy time exposures, they are fun missions, reminds me of late night walks home from work, and bars only you have a camera to capture it.

Night Shift


The Port

This is a new portfolio I shot at the Liberty Landing Marina.


Old Pages

These are some old splash pages from my site.





Monday, 21 April 2008


Word up.


Sunday, 20 April 2008

Cam Neely

Too bad Ulf Samuelsson is such and unsportsman like bastard or maybe Cam Neely would still be playing the game. This is a classic scuffle that I'm sure Lindy Ruff is regretting to this day, psst, lol Lindy Ruff, can't believe he wore the C.

Saturday, 19 April 2008

Good Marketing

Atmosphere aka Sean and Anthony are back with whats is sounding like another incredible album, "When Life Gives you Lemons, You Paint That shit Gold". Peep rhymesayers.com for really cool T.V shows, with the same title. The NYC show is at Webster Hall on Sunday the 27th, I'll be there, Slug always kills it on stage.

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Lo Life BBQ

If you have a fresh Polo collection, this is the perfect time and place to dust it off. I'll be there sporting very crispy Lo for sure, mostly snapping pictures, and eating, but still if you love Polo Come through and say peace!



Loop Troop Rockers

Loop Troop has new album called Good Things, you can order it from their site, or see them on tour, if you live in Europe.

Suge Knight's on Reality TV

Ridiculous. The title of the show is "Unfinished Business", I guess by that he means unfinished taking black folks back another hundred years. Is that what the world needs, more beef, more fighting, and more promotion of violence? The only rap I heard came from a convict, and it stunk. So what is the show about? Seems like fighting and back talking other people. How original.

Monday, 7 April 2008

Wise Intelligent.

Poor Righteous Teachers vocalist Wise Intelligent is one of the best, complicated, thought provoking and educated rappers in the world. This is the third verse from "We Dat Nice," on PRT's last group album, the mostly slept on The New World Order.

forever living giving tongues to the dumb,
G is for God.
Where the gangsta come from?
words in action making knowledge for real.
the days when brothers have to kill or be killed.
Gods Will,
will be done the kingdom will come
Ride east
the Gods seed, keep perfecting it Son.
The Wise one aint done.
Six sextillion tons Earth
I levitate hold the universe and place weight.
I hear debate
come look God in the face.
your empty thoughts with unlimited waste.
your earthly ass at the speed
feet per second then distill you as snow.
There go some negro
confiscatin' my flow.
This information take it home and make a plus lesson.
I shine that light
the knowledge ignites
excite Blacks and Whites through the things that I write.
See, I could
extend your days in a spectrum of rays
in a westerly direction God is worthy of praise.
Or I could,
capsize the planet deprive you of life,
take flight,
make ice of any emcees you like....
I'm dat nice.
-Wise Intelligent
We Dat Nice

My Peoples