Monday, 7 April 2008

Wise Intelligent.

Poor Righteous Teachers vocalist Wise Intelligent is one of the best, complicated, thought provoking and educated rappers in the world. This is the third verse from "We Dat Nice," on PRT's last group album, the mostly slept on The New World Order.

forever living giving tongues to the dumb,
G is for God.
Where the gangsta come from?
words in action making knowledge for real.
the days when brothers have to kill or be killed.
Gods Will,
will be done the kingdom will come
Ride east
the Gods seed, keep perfecting it Son.
The Wise one aint done.
Six sextillion tons Earth
I levitate hold the universe and place weight.
I hear debate
come look God in the face.
your empty thoughts with unlimited waste.
your earthly ass at the speed
feet per second then distill you as snow.
There go some negro
confiscatin' my flow.
This information take it home and make a plus lesson.
I shine that light
the knowledge ignites
excite Blacks and Whites through the things that I write.
See, I could
extend your days in a spectrum of rays
in a westerly direction God is worthy of praise.
Or I could,
capsize the planet deprive you of life,
take flight,
make ice of any emcees you like....
I'm dat nice.
-Wise Intelligent
We Dat Nice

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