Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Immortal Technique

In a 2002 charity concert at the Knitting Factory I saw a great show featuring Wu member Cappadonna, and another emcee that I had never heard of, Immortal Technique. When the emcee took the stage and the beat came on, it sounded like it was going to be another rapper with a name describing how complex and deep his rhymes are spitting the "facts". Then he rapped, very loud, and all my preconceived notions were erased when within the first 5 bars. With contained rage Tech said something to the effect of Bush and bin Laden being bedfellows, how th Carlyle and News Corps are bullshit, words like Illuminati, anunaki, crews like the Council on Foreign Relations, Free Masons and The Rothchilds. All very familiar language in my lexicon. Not soon after I picked up his first album, Revolutionary Vol.1 and knew that soon enough the masses were going to get a hold of this, and it was about time. Rappers these days could care less about the magnitude of their platform. Heres a great example; My good homie 50 Scent is about to sign a 300 million dollar deal with Rurpert Murdochs News Corp. This deal would mostly be made up of stock making 50 one of the largest shareholders, which would make him Bill O'rillys boss, laugh out loud and puke in circles all at the same time. News Corp. would also take a major stock in G-Unit pretty much everything including artists, clothes, his website thisis5*.com, and music will be sold under myspace records. Isn't that great? 50 Cent loves Rupert, talk about sell out, holy shit.
In other conformity news, Nasty Nas decided to scrap the name of his upcoming album NIGGER, why is that Nas?
"It's important to me that this album gets to the fans," Nas told AllHipHop.com in a statement. "It's been a long time coming. I want my fans to know that creatively and lyrically, they can expect the same content and the same messages. It's that important. The streets have been waiting for this for a long time. The people will always know what the real title of this album is and what to call it".
So it other words, you sold out to a major label rather than say screw that and put the record out yourself? The album isn't even done,so why did you make and promote the cover art and title so hard, could it have been publicity stunt? I'm a big Nas fan, and it's not that I supported the album title, but I do support following through with what you say, doing what you said you were going to do, and not caving from corporate pressure for the scrilla. Best bet, just be honest, your boss did'nt like the title and told you change it or you were going to get fired, and you did as you were told. Dude also was bigging up Jay Electronica, and was"smitten" buy him. The Music I have heard from Jay Electronica, is nothing special, his style is ten years late, and it seems like neither of them have done much research, read about it here.
Oh also, Mass Appeal Magazine will not put putting out print issues anymore, another great print magazine, such as Elemental, and Kicksclusive(LOL)that you will no longer be able to hold in your hand.
Tech has a new album coming out on June 24th, to promote the album Technique is having a essay contest with a top prize of $1,500, hit the link for details. Also peep him in a city near you and hear dome words that need to be heard.

Recinto Ferial, Casa De Campo.
Central Madrid, Spain w/ Talib Kweli & DJ GI JOE
The Coronet Theatre.
London, UK w/ Skinny Man & DJ GI JOE

Highline Ballroom. New York, NY w/ DJ GI JOE
7/11/08: Higher Ground. Burlington, VT w/ DJ GI JOE
Mr Smalls. Millvale, PA w/ DJ GI JOE, Poison Pen, Da Circle & J Arch
Magic Stick. Detroit, MI w/ DJ GI JOE, Poison Pen, Da Circle & J Arch
Rock The Bells. Tinley Park, IL
The High Noon Saloon. Madison, WI w/ DJ GI JOE, Poison Pen Da Circle & J Arch
First Avenue. North
Minneapolis, MN w/ DJ GI JOE, Poison Pen, Da Circle & J Arch
Toad's Place. New Haven, CT w/ DJ GI JOE, Poison Pen, Da Circle & J Arch

Pearl Street. Northampton, MA w/ DJ GI JOE, Poison Pen, Da Circle & J Arch
Rock The Bells. Mansfield, MA
Rock The Bells. Columbia, MD
Cat's Cradle. Carrboro, NC w/ DJ GI JOE, Poison Pen, Da Circle & J Arch
The Loft. Atlanta, GA w/ DJ GI JOE, Poison Pen, Da Circle & J Arch
8/01/08: Orlando, Fl — TBA
Rock The Bells.
West Palm Beach, FL
Rock The Bells.
Wantagh, NY

Belly Up Tavern. Solana Beach, CA w/ DJ GI JOE, Diabolic & Da Circle
Rock The Bells.
San Bernardino, CA
The Speedway. San Luis Obispo, CA w/ Rakim, DJ GI JOE, Diabolic & Da Circle
Ventura Theatre. Ventura, CA w/ DJ GI JOE, Diabolic & Da Circle
The Exit.
Fresno, CA w/ DJ GI JOE, Diabolic & Da Circle
The Boardwalk.
Orangevale, CA w/ DJ GI JOE, Diabolic & Da Circle
Rock The Bells. Mountain View, CA
8/19/08: Reno, NV—TBA
In The Venue.
Salt Lake City, UT w/ DJ GI JOE, Diabolic & Da Circle
Rock The.
Greenwood Village, CO
Sunshine Theater.
Albuquerque, NM w/ DJ GI JOE, Diabolic & Da Circle
The Brickhouse Theatre.
Phoenix, AZ w/ DJ GI JOE, Diabolic & Da Circle
Orpheum Theatre. Flagstaff, AZ w/ DJ GI JOE, Diabolic & Da Circle
8/28/08: Las Vegas, NV — TBA
8/29/08: Lancaster, CA — TBA

Sunday, 18 May 2008

No Mas Fa(ebook

I canceled my F@acbook account today, mainly because I was getting no response and it seems that people are just lazy. So whats the point? A profile with pictures and other shit detailing yourself that people whom I have excepted as my friend can look at with out me knowing. I figure Fa(ebook is a platform built for people to tell the world who they are what they like, what they wear, what they eat, and what music they like. Also to trade social stories and commentary on pictures and what ever that people do online together. Making it all the easier for mass marketers and corporations to monitor and study people through their profiles to better subliminally advertise to them in very specific niche and demographic sections. Much Like that episode of The Simpson's when Lisa gets a new teacher who is really young and cool, and whats to learn all about them, ask the students to play with toys, and give feedback, all the while behind the two way mirror chalk baord a The Toy Corporation is taking notes, unbeknownst to the students. Kind of like Fa(ebook and MySp@ce, two cool places to hang out online where you think you are safe to talk about all your likes and dislikes in private, but all your info is being used against you.
Oh well, I thought I had a pretty dope profile, some cool rap quotes and good pictures, at the end of the day time and energy not well spent. The same can be said for Mysp@ace, although it is better for marketing, mysp@ace sucks for a bunch of reasons. Mainly because Rupert Murdoch and the News Corp own it, then there is the spam, cant forget the html. hacks, the fact that people use their page for a website is wiggy wack, the amount of people that, I'll stop... gawd, mysp@ce is really bad. Both suck and blogs are the future. Peep the link for 10 reason why faceb**k sucks, its funny, here's a great forum to express how you really feel. Vent

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Slow Mo Slap!

Take that sucka!

Friday, 9 May 2008

Blueprint vs Funkadelic

Peep this really dope and free album from Cincinnati native Blueprint, remixed with Funkdelic beats, really good stuff.

Friday, 2 May 2008

Look both ways

"Look both ways, before you cross fade DJ's, never share needles, and infected your turntables, your audio performance is enormous, view items"

Onry Ozzborn from "View Items" on the very rare, but very dope ONE album.


Thursday, 1 May 2008


Thus far I have left my politics off this blog, but things are getting hectic, and things to to change. This country needs a serious plan to recover from what has already happened, not happened yet, and the unforeseen. You don't have to dig to deep to find long standing issues and problems with almost every facet of the the American infrastructure and foundation. That means one of two things, America will fall like Rome, or have a dirty trick up its sleeve i.e The Patriot Act, to protect the wealthy ruling class.


The"It" in keeping "It" real.

Windy City graffiti and cipher veteran Qwel is line for line one of the best rappers. I'm not the biggest fan of all his beats, and on some tracks the meaning gets lost in the long complex verses, but will always drop a few incredible lines and metaphors. On his stand out tracks dudes lyrics are just amazing, below is a great example of his obvious subject matter, but clandestine approach with rapid fire flow. Read that last verse a few times, once out loud, for real, dude is really saying something.

But brothers would it kill us to change?
And chain 'em up in prison when it filled 'em with hate, cause ain't a difference
It's pound for pound the literal weigh
Stay down for now
It's crowns are minutes away
And hey, to each his image, with Satan lickin' his fangs
But sang bandstand freedom in it's business of slaves
Who paid Jay-Z and Mantan to give it away?
Shit'll take some new brand pants to get us to stay
Make haste
To the pinnacle, infinite, made of mineral clay
Today we're diamond, nickled, crippled out of critical rate
A little wisdom with some rhythm to pray
A place within em, livin grace as original as the middle of gray
His cynic cake and Antoinette with a tyrannical taste
Faith abandoned
How we wise if even famine obeys?
Now we're swimming with the salmon to calamity's lake
With granite feet, shaped from vanity and Grammy speech "thanks"
The late great planet E
The hand of greed squeezed, fannin these flames
Nine to five will be the ant theme, but man, it'd be great
Time's a lie, Yah's alive, why's it man that we praise?
Anchor hands and canvas feet
Like, damn if we say
Standing deep beneath the, deep between the span of these banks
It might take a mutherfuckin Barbie chant to get the answer dj'ed

But man it might change us to stay
Straight line 'em up and shoot 'em when they cued 'em for fame
It's the same unnamed shooters, through the hoop with the flames
Saying truth is the rain, remain luminous and true to this or lose it in vain
Computer Judas rather view it through the tube in his brain
Supersized, eyes swollen open, two to a cage
Mother funded dungeons, running on punishment budgets
Someone's up to something
Govern it, two to a plane for fame, sing it again, a cell
Scream it, a gain, a name
Losin it paid us well
Keep it the same and bang
Claimin the realest real
To reel in your favorite slave
Peeling the seal revealed for real
His name remains the purest
See the trees for the forest
Born to be the force of meteors or screamin it towards us
They'd sort us off in sections
There deception ignores us
To sort us to the new world
Or new world orders
For motherfuckers that would maim us to prey
Aim and pay 'em off as senators
The predators bait
Fate inevites the snake
Like, whatevers your flav
Pay the rent for your president
We're peasants or slaves
Which is better?
Richest debtors get a whip whipped instead of a say
Let it fix itself, while dangling from venomous fangs
Your name is sediment
The bestest threats to get you to break
To make the exodus from genocide
The letters we paint

But brothers would it kill us to change from vain
jiggy, diddy, viddy what you give me to up jump the boogie
But man it might change us to stay the same shitty
gritty, cities hittin kiddies with fronts, stunts, and hoodies
Sissies with a name and claim to fame
woody looking goody, it's all boogie to beat beat beat
With deceit seat seeded and conceit's teeth gleamin
the truth gets diluted to me me me

My Peoples