Sunday, 18 May 2008

No Mas Fa(ebook

I canceled my F@acbook account today, mainly because I was getting no response and it seems that people are just lazy. So whats the point? A profile with pictures and other shit detailing yourself that people whom I have excepted as my friend can look at with out me knowing. I figure Fa(ebook is a platform built for people to tell the world who they are what they like, what they wear, what they eat, and what music they like. Also to trade social stories and commentary on pictures and what ever that people do online together. Making it all the easier for mass marketers and corporations to monitor and study people through their profiles to better subliminally advertise to them in very specific niche and demographic sections. Much Like that episode of The Simpson's when Lisa gets a new teacher who is really young and cool, and whats to learn all about them, ask the students to play with toys, and give feedback, all the while behind the two way mirror chalk baord a The Toy Corporation is taking notes, unbeknownst to the students. Kind of like Fa(ebook and MySp@ce, two cool places to hang out online where you think you are safe to talk about all your likes and dislikes in private, but all your info is being used against you.
Oh well, I thought I had a pretty dope profile, some cool rap quotes and good pictures, at the end of the day time and energy not well spent. The same can be said for Mysp@ace, although it is better for marketing, mysp@ace sucks for a bunch of reasons. Mainly because Rupert Murdoch and the News Corp own it, then there is the spam, cant forget the html. hacks, the fact that people use their page for a website is wiggy wack, the amount of people that, I'll stop... gawd, mysp@ce is really bad. Both suck and blogs are the future. Peep the link for 10 reason why faceb**k sucks, its funny, here's a great forum to express how you really feel. Vent

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