Friday, 20 June 2008


Just copped the newest release from Lexington Kentucky natives CunninLyguists, "Dirty Acres", the trios fourth studio album, following the very popular "Piece of Strange". "Dirty Acres" and "Piece of..." have a lot in common, both are very thematic and follow a book like approach, where every song is a chapter in an audio novel. With a very cinematic approach to their albums "Strange" is a love story dealing with the good and evil. "Dirty Acres" picks up where "Strange" left off too explore life and love in the South and outlook of the two emcees, Natti and Deacon the Villan. Kno hooks up great beats, with a lot of live music, jazz and blues influenced beats that complinent the sometimes laid back flow, such as the title track "Dirty Acres"and "Things I Dream". Natti and Deacon pick up the pace with furious and passionate flows on "K.K.K.Y" and "Yellow Lines" w/ Phonte and Whictdoctor.


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