Thursday, 31 July 2008

Getting up

This is a great collection of rail car graffiti from Baily Nebraska


Alfa Romeo

It was said that Enzo Ferrari cried when one of his cars beat an Alfa Romeo in a race. One of the finest auto makers in the world, A.L.F.A has been making cars since 1910, but in 1915 Nicola Romeo took over the company. Romeo started stopped making cars to produce munitions, aircraft engines, military hardware compressors and other components for the Italian and Allied forces. It wasn't until 1920 that the name of the company was changed to Alfa Romeo and put out their first successful vehicle the Torpedo 20-30 HP,
, after beating Enzo Ferrari on the Mugello Circuit.

Below is a new concept car for 2009


Barack Update

This week the struggling McCain campaign tried to liken Barack Obamas popularity to Britany Spears and Paris Hilton in a cheap add. Faux News continues in propaganda offensive, calling out Brack at any given opportunity, it does not seem to matter though, the Democrats are still leading in all polls. Nasty Nas and collected 620,000 signatures protesting Faux News racist coverage of the election. Heres good reason.

P.S Barack is still ahead in the latest polls, this time by more than ever, peep it.

Thanks to Dichotomous Mediocrity for the picture, good blog too.

Let it go

Laugh out loud at this dude!!! Read more about video game addicts here.


Vans Lead Plaid Pack

Not usually a big fan of Vans, but think these are a good look.
saw them on

Public Art

Peep these really fresh murals on buildings from around the world. There really should be more of this kind of thing, blank buildings are stale.


Wednesday, 30 July 2008

House Of Cards

Radiohead always has good videos, here is what they said about there newest one: 

"In Radiohead's new video for "House of Cards", no cameras or lights were used. Instead, 3D plotting technologies collected information about the shapes and relative distances of objects. The video was created entirely with visualizations of that data."

Directed by James Frost
From the album IN RAINBOWS

If you would like to know more about this film technology click on the title above or here.

For the bike that has everything

I recently bought a Cannondale. It's a MTB, not a fixie, but I'm already thinking I want to upgrade everything. I think a Chris King headset would be a nice start, have a look at these.


Hello, nice to meet you.

I just thought I would introduce myself before I started making posts here, My name is Brian and I live in the Great White North, just outside of Toronto, Ontario.

Talk to you all soon!

Beats in the Park

This is producer Damu making a beat live in Washington Sq Pk.

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Very cuil

Peep this new cuil (pronouced cool) search engine masterminded by a couple former Google developers, one dude built AltaVista which was Google before Google in the late 90's.
The Search Engine claims not to monitor or keep track of user records or activity, and be connected to more website than Google, check it out.


Sunday, 27 July 2008

Nike SB Backpacks

SB backpacks, a good look for the fall.


MURSx9th Wonder Free Album

Peep this really dope new and free album from Living Legends emcee MURS and 9th Wonder.


Monday, 21 July 2008


This fire happened right out side my window.


Sunday, 20 July 2008

Timber Outpost

Peep the work of Michelle White.


Barack Update

Watch Barack knock down a couple of threes for the troops in Iraq.

... still ahead in the latest polls.



Peep these pictures of the very cool Stephanie Ortiz. The incredible hair and makeup courtesy of Olunife.


Paper Plates

Peep this really dope track "Paper Plates" by the Genius giving ol' 50 Scent something to think about.
The GZA Genius has a new record dropping called Pro Tools, dropping August 19th on Think Differently Music.


Namba Park

This amazing mash up of nature and urban environment is Namba Park in Osaka Japan.


Build it

Peep this cool car company from Portugal, Luso Motors. This is a concept kit car that you can build your self, electric models are available.


Friday, 18 July 2008

Happy Birthday, Mr. Nelson Mandela!

Today the Nobel Prize winning, civil rights leader and apartheid fighter turns 90 years old, 27 of those years having been spent in prison. Check the link for an inspiring message.



Saw these Nike Grade School Air Max 90's and Dunks on


Monday, 14 July 2008

Barack Update

Next month's cover of The New Yorker will feature a cartoon of Senator Barack Obama. Isn't that great! Only, Barack is dressed in traditional Muslim garb, giving a "terrorist fist" jab to Michelle who has an AK 47 slung around her shoulder, sporting an afro, with a picture of Osama Bin Laden on the wall and a flag burning the in fire in the oval office.

I think this is very offensive. Its a failed attempt at satire, that in turn contributes to the misconceptions a segment of public already has of Barack. We wont see a cartoon of Bush, Cheeny, Kissinger, McCain and other Illuminatists flipping through bill folds of cash, laughing while standing on a huge pile of dead bodies.

Painting by Dan Lacey

SMS x Email Pens

This pen by D:Scribe allows you to send email and text by writing on paper in real time, circling the name of the person you want to send it to. The pen displays the content on a small LED. and records everything you have written to be accessed by computer at anytime.


NIke X Marty Mcfly

These are the patent for the kicks Marty McFly wore in Back to the Future 2, peep this for more.


Wednesday, 9 July 2008

One Dae x Sean Price

My long time drinkin' partner One Dae has a really dope new mix-tape hosted by The Boot Camp's Clik's Sean Price. With production from Marco Polo, Nova, Shuko, and others, "The Scrap-book" comes together like a full length album. Sean P comes through on the thunderous "War On Drugs" produced by El Nino. The Scrap Book also features emcees, C-Ray Walz, Beekay, Kev Turner, and Tsi La Brev who all bless the MIC, and compliment the production.
Check Dae's myspace for the Marco Polo produced track and brand new video for "BK all Dae"


Sunday, 6 July 2008


The history of power lines can be traced back to Croatian born master inventor and genius, Nikola Tesla. Tesla is responsible for robotics, wireless communication, alienating current, and the induction motor. An interesting fact about Tesla, later in his life he suffered from obsessive compulsive disorder and became obsessed with the triangular, Fibonacci number 3.


See more power lines here.

X-SEED 4000

This a a rendering of the self-contained high rise city, X-SEED 400, planned to be built in Tokyo harbor. The 13,00 ft tall building will run from solar power, and house half a million to a million people.


Your Hood

Beyond what the local news tell you about why gas prices are 4 beans a gallon and rising, check it out for your self.

These are some more snaps from a series on classic cars my working on, let me know what you think.


Saturday, 5 July 2008

Jean Grae X 9th Wonder

Just copped this new release from Brooklyn emcee Jean Grae and NC's 9th Wonder, "Jeanius". (Blacksmith) One word, incredible. This will be most definitely be on my top 5 of 2008. Jean's lyrics are just amazing, and 9th meets her with every beat. Get this album, its what hip hop has been waiting for.

Peep the lead single and very sexy "Love Thirst".


Lotus Concept

British auto racing company,Lotus has always been one of my favourite car makers. The design is consistently sleek and sporty, staying true to its formula one roots.
This is the 2008 concept car.

O.C x A.G

Peep this new single "Put it in the box" by D.I.T.C emcees O.C and Andre the Giant.
This is a picture I snapped of A.G in Harlem after an interview for Kicksclusive.



Check the site for more details on the Rocksteady Crews 4 day long event 31st anniversary.


Frank Gehry

This is an amazing building designed by Canadian Frank Gehry in Prague.


Nike SB "Buzz Lightyear" Backpack

Peep this really dope back pack from Nike, inspired by the well known hipster Buzz Lightyear



The northeast has seen four days in a row of rain, more in the forecast, with persistent rain for the last 4 months, and it seems like the rain isn't going away. According to this study by Yaping Zhou and R. Wayne Higgins for the NOAA/Climate Protection Center, the rain is getting worse all over North America

Since 1980 the United States has suffered 78 weather disasters with costs from property damage, cleanup and disaster relief that total over a Billion dollars.


Friday, 4 July 2008


With gas prices at a national average of $4.10 its no wonder car sales are plummeting, having a direct effect on auto manufacturers. GM just cut 2000 plus jobs in Ontario, plus more across the US, as the parts market suffers due to a lack of demand. General Motors stocks are at 10 bucks a share, the auto giants lowest in 50 years.


Barack Update

In an effort to combat the incredible media smear campaign, thanks to F*x News, Rush Limbaugh, Floyd Brown and others, the Obama Campaign started a link on their site to set the record straight. Read the facts here.

Since the last update his Senator Obamas Gallup Poll rating went up.


Immortal Technique

Big ups to Immortal Technique! According to Soundscan the Harlem emcees third studio record "The 3rd World" sold 7,300 copies in the first week, landing him number 9 on Billboard's rap chart.
Read details about a school Tech wants to build in Afghanistan, and more about and essay writing competition he is having here.



Check out the Skyfarm, a concept from Toronto scientist Gordon Graff. The 58 story building would provided 35,000 people with food daily from its amazing 8 million sq.ft of farm land growing facility downtown Toronto. Read more at


Thursday, 3 July 2008

Lamborghini S

Peep this really amazing Lamborghini Concept S designed designed by Luc Donckerwolke who was the head of design at Lamborghini at the time. Donckerwolke also designed the Murciélago and very incredible Diablo. Luc began he career in auto design making very simple commuter cars for Audi and Škoda Octavia, until he got a job with Lamborghini where he made some incredible cars winning the Red Dot award in 2003.


Brooklyn Academy

Mr Metaphor, Pumpkinhead, and Block McCloud make up the Park Slope Brooklyn crew, better known as Brooklyn Academy.

Peep the single feat. Jean Grae 'Raise Your Hands" from their forthcoming album "Bored of Education" out September 2.

In a small world story, the day I moved to New York, early January 2001, I stayed up all day on pure energy exploring and looking for a job. By 6 o'clock I was walking down 6th ave. when I see Pumpkinhead getting let out of a car. I catch up to him, telling him I had just seen he and the crew perform at the Comfort Zone in Toronto a few weeks earlier. He remembered the show and asked me what I was doing that night, "nothing" I responded, then he asked me if I wanted to go to the Lime light, which I didn't realize we were standing in front of. I said ya and we rolled passed the door man and the cover, Pumpkinhead cooling him out by saying I was with him. As soon as we got in he went his own way, but it was a cool thing to do for a fan.
(Good thing I still had half a fifth of Silent Sam in my knapsack, drinks were a mint, word.)


Think about it

Check out Adam Levines art, some cool stuff.


Irish Elk

The Irish Elk, or Giant Dear lived 7,700 years ago, stood 6 foot 9 and had antlers that from tip to tip averaged 12 feet. The name Irish is misleading, he was not native to Ireland, this beast roamed all over Eurasia.


The Crib

This is an amazing private residence project under development in Nurai, located northeast of Abu Dhabi,city. Peep for more info.



Richmond Virginia native, self proclaimed ghost writer, Shaq beefer, and freestyle veteran MC Skillz has a new official album to look out for, "The Million Dollar Backpack". After "From Where!?!?" dropped in 1996 with critical acclaim Skillz has been touring, and putting out music, including his annual hilarious pop culture satire rap , "The Wrap-Up". Thanks to a bad deal with Rawkus his 2002 his sophomore album "I Ain't mad no more" never dropped in North America.
From whats available on his myspa(e its sounding really tight, check for the album 7-22-08.

01. Million Dollar Backpack (Intro)
02. Where I Been
03. Don’t Act Like You Don’t Know (Featuring Freeway)
04. So Far So Good (Featuring Common & Talib Kweli)
05. Sick
06. (For Real) He Don’t Own Me
07. My Phone
08. Yeah Ya Know It
09. Hold Tight (Featuring The Roots)
10. Crazy World
11. I’m Gon Make It
12. Be Alright
13. Hip Hop Died
14. Preaching To The Choir


Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Barack Update

F*x News just wont lay up on the propaganda, check out Neil Cavuto asking Senator Obama to dumb it down, if its not persistent Muslim reference, its the newest home loan shit. Where Fox leaves off, the always reliable Wall St Journal picks up, saying that Obama is more likely to continue Bush's third term, than MCcain.
Either way Barack is still ahead in the polls.


What time is it?

Ever want to feel way smarter than your punk ass MENSA Harvard know it all brother in law/boss/neighbor? Then get this watch from Nooka
. You can impress them when that famous question comes up, "What time is it?" You can casually put your wrsit in his face and let him figure it out.
He wont know the first bar is hours 1-6 the second 7-12, minutes are marked by 15 30 and 4o seconds.


Stylus Mac

Peep Axiotron for more details on this impressive stylus based computer. It comes bluetooth ready and is wireless with usb and firewire. This little piece will only set you back about 2200 bucks , not bad.



This is a snap from a story I shot for Urban Latino Magazine.


Clout x Smif n Wessun

Peep this video for Clout Magazine and this new snap of Tek and Steele in Duckdown studios.


Tuesday, 1 July 2008


Some really fresh kicks.


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