Tuesday, 12 August 2008

All Points West - Day 3

Sorry this post is a couple of days late! The final day of All Points West was amazing ... the rain was nothing, it only made things better!! The most awesome thing about this day of the festival was how much new music I was turned on to.

Rodrigo y Gabriela really rocked. Their show was tight. It was my first time hearing the duo, and they mos def made a new fan out of me. For real, check out their music. It's incredibly original relative to all the indie rock sameness out there.

Another band that earned themselves a new fan was The Felice Brothers. Their rock / folk hybrid sound was very authentic and had the crowd jumping, especially during the song "Whiskey in my Whiskey'.

Cat Power, of course, took the main stage and played a great set, notwithstanding the rain. Her heartfelt lyrics really came through in her performance. She was followed by Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals, definitely a crowd favorite.

Being familiar with jam band Phish, I was curious to see Trey Anastasio perform. A true guitar acumen, TAB played a really great, guitar heavy set. There were many loyal Phish fans in the crowd, half way through the show it looked like a love in. They played at dusk, which provided a beautiful warm light, which made for an incredible backdrop resulting in some of my best shots of the day. To all you Phish fans out there, hit me for some free pictures!!

Bringing the incredible festival to an end was Jack Johnson. He played songs from his latest album, "Sleep Through the Static," and later got into songs from "Brushfire Fairytales" and "In Between Dreams" -- both of which are worth checking out, no matter what genre you usually listen to. Melting the hearts of all the female fans in the crowd, Jack dedicated the song, "Staple in Together" "to the little girl the pink sweater sitting on her dad's shoulders there in the sixth row."

All in all, All Points West was an amazing festival. The artist line up was diverse, ranging from internationally known acts to obscure artists on the rise. The art installations on the fair grounds only added to the ambience, differentiating this festival from all the others. Of course, the Manhattan skyline in the background also made the experience all the more cinematic. And for those that care, the grounds were kept clean the whole time (without having tons of workers everywhere) and the port-o-poties weren't all that bad. Every show started on time, and the sets were thoughtfully staggered so that you could grab a brew and eat some grub when you needed to. The arepas (corn tortilla with mozzarella) were great, and Rita's water ice also held it down. As for sound quality, it was crisp and clear on all the three stages, and the light shows were different for each act (check my snaps for proof).

The All Points West Music and Arts Festival really hooked it up the first time around. I can't wait to see the line up next year.


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