Thursday, 14 August 2008


Since 1942 Bala Muskoka has hosted the Cranberry Festival, a popular carnival type event celebrating the area's plentiful cranberry marshes. Bala Muskoka is also my family's home town, were my mother was born and raised and from 1956 to 1963 my grandfather, Walter Templeton was the mayor and with My Grandmother ran the town hardware store and marina.
I have worked at, got drunk at, stuffed my gut at the Cranberry Festival my whole life. The small village of 400 year round residents really depends on the festival to do well to stack up some revenue for the slow winter months. Not only that but its such a positive community event, welcoming the change of season, surrounded by the amazing northern Ontario fall foliage.
The Cranberry festival has games, rides, food, everything cranberry, shopping, a very popular beer tent, and an arts competition. A few years ago I had given my Aunt Jane a picture I snapped of The Moon River for Christmas. As much as she liked the photo never got around to framing it. So just before last years festival, Mom Dukes saw the unframed photo and took the liberty of entering my picture in the competitions photography event.
I remember when I got the original 11x14 Iris print from the lab at work and showed it to some co workers,Paul Collins told me it was sentimental. At the time I was a little offended, but taking another look at the image, he was right. Either way I couldn't be any more flattered that people liked this snap, and am proud to contribute my art to a festival that means so much to my family and home towns history.



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Beatrice von Rague Schleyer said...

Maybe one can project some sentiment onto that, but I'd imagine from your description of the place that you're pretty familiar with it, and the fact that people from the area were feeling it just confirms that it probably captures the atmosphere of the place pretty well. That's one of the best places you could see your work, really; as part of something that enhances or describes something you share with a community. Wot wot!

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