Tuesday, 9 September 2008


Normally reviewing an album is an easy task for me. There's a couple simple steps, buy the album, listen to it, think about it, then listen again. Last step is to formulate some opinions and thoughts about the music so the reader gets an idea of how the album might sound and feel. When it came to "I've Been Worse" from Oldominion crew member Barfly, the process wasn't as easily repeated. I followed the first four steps with no problem, then came the tricky part, trying to explain the music so others might get a feel. I repeated the second step a few times over, and each time the record ended I decided that I still had not listened to it close enough to review it. Ive had the album for about 7 months, listened to it front to back over ten times, and still cant tell you how damn dope it is.

"Now see I write with a pen, draw with a pencil, paint with an aerosol can, and think with my stomach"


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elwyn the second said...

Big Up's To Old Dominion I know those guys from when I lived in Portland, OR.

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