Saturday, 6 September 2008


This is a picture of a bed that was the prize of daily chess games with my roommate Phil Dragsta. The room I shared with Phil was in a hostel in Brussels were I worked as general staff at for a couple months in 2001. The hostel was in an old part of the city and stood right next to an old ornate church, at some points the building stood within feet each other. The room was different than any other in the hostel, it had a bay window that extended three feet in length, 8 feet of leg room with a sky lite overhead. The room was on the third floor, with the church towering at least 8 stories, with pillars and peaks protruding feet from the window. We figured out it made a good place to sleep quickly, and since we both came up with the idea we needed a fair way to deiced who slept there. So every day after our duties we played chess, the best of three to determine who got the bed that night. Games got heated and sometimes moves were debated and once the board got tossed, you can see a broken Wu-Tang CD on the desk table from the crash. Peace Phil!!!!


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