Tuesday, 2 September 2008

East Coast Avengers

Esoteric, trademarc and DC the Midi Alien make up the East Coast Avengers holding it down from Boston Mass.
"Kill Bill O'Reilly" is the first single from the trio's forth coming record "Prison Planet".
While verbally ripping Papa Bear a couple new ones Eso and trademarc spit with true passion about their hate for Faux news and that asshole Bill O'Reilly. After Nas called out Faux and Bill on the Colbert Report with 620,000 signatures on a petition there didn't seem to be much follow through. I can only image how difficult it is battling one of the biggest media outlets in the world, when media and info is the most efficient way of communicating to the masses. There seems to be a growing number of people around this country that are tired of the racist propaganda that is spewed from robotic moral-less pie holes attached to the talking heads anchoring Faux News. And it's about time, word. This track is the perfect dissent anthem for anyone who is fed up with biased, slanted, unfair, bullshit news reporting.

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