Friday, 12 September 2008

Tell us the truth

Yesterday on the anniversary of 9/11/01, like every other year since the WTC buildings were demolished, there were two demonstrations taking place at ground zero. One event was for the mass media to cover, were the names of the victims are read, various speeches, the mayor speaks all the while television news people recycle the "official" facts about 9/11. As soon as the names are read, and the ceremony wraps up, those who don't believe the official story gather to make their voice heard. This year I decided to join with others who disagree with the Governments 9/11 report of what happened on September 11th. The crowd wearing black shirts reading Investigate 9/11 in white, others in yellow We Are Change tee's peacefully gathered right outside the WTC PATH station. Within minutes of their organization they were met by a minimal police force, and numerous hecklers yelling ridiculous remarks mostly trying to get the riled up. As the demonstrators chanted various slogans, a few men in suits were calling them names, and trying to provoke the mostly young male crown of 9/11 truther's. As the march began, I being alone slowly followed behind, trying to observe things happening around the demonstration area. As I made my way toward Broadway I noticed a few middle aged dudes with clean clothes, new Nike's, and nice haircuts approach a couple sloppy looking teenagers with baggy Investigate 9/11 shirts and protest signs. Having spent many years playing sports and being in locker rooms with other males, I was quite sure I knew what was about to happen. The three middle age men intercepted the teens as they made their way east toward B'way, the tallest one stopping them by asking, "are you guys serious"? with a aggressive tone. "Do you really think the United States Government perpetrated the killing of 3,700 of its own citizens?" The three nerdy teens caught off guard immediately began a back and fourth with the older men, at some point their faces were within inches. All the while the well dressed man kept very cool, maintaining a smug grin, while his pot bellied buddies stood behind him. He used a belittling tone never giving the teens a chance to answer. Their futile argument was soon broken up by an older member of the demonstration, urging the teens to keep walking. I too kept up with the crowd, leaving he three rabble rouser's standing in the same spot. I kept up with the crowd until my stomach got the best of me so I turned back down B'way making a left on Chambers to find a pizza joint. I then made way back to the PATH were I see the same antagonist who were trying to rile up and grandstand the young demonstrators sitting comfortably in the front seat of a squad car.
There are numerous resources available to learn more about what happened on September 11th, check out Loose Change for a good start.

Peep John Hoffman for more cool art.

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