Monday, 19 January 2009

Liquidation sale at Circuit City, eh? Not!

So yesterday Melissa and I went looking for a cheap flat screen TV at the now bankrupt electronics retail giant Circuit City. After a preliminary search on the Internet for sales and discounted items that resulted in nothing, we made the trip to the North Bergan location. On the way we were going over what size we wanted, where we would put it, and trying to guess just how good the deals would be. As we got into the parking lot we passed dudes holding signs reading "liquidation Sale 30% off". Right away we started to think that something was funny, because 30% isn't that great a deal, considering the circumstances. We make are way into the warehouse sized zoo like atmosphere and head right to the flat screen section. Noticing that there are no prices on anything, we walk around for 20 minutes before we see store staff to ask whats going on. Finally I track down one of the 3 people that seemed to be working, with the 300 plus customers standing around like confused pylons. The lady tells me I have to write down the skew number of the item and one of the staff will punch it into the computer for the price. We do so, and hunt down one of the totally overworked and apathetic employees to check on the prices. When she brings up the price of a 40' Sony Bravia for $2,888 I ask her to double check. She continues to check the prices of the other TV we were interested in, all totally over priced, with no discount at all. "There are demos" I say to the girl, she responds, "take 10% off". 10% off an already marked up item, out of the box, is not a liquidation sale. There was nothing on sale. Nothing. If anything digital cameras, blank media, printers and computer accessories were 10-15% higher than other retailers.
Save your time and money, there is a good reason Circuit City is going out of business. Read more here.

Sunday, 18 January 2009

New DOOM Record?

Its seems the Masked Villain, MF Doom is back with a new album titeled "Born Into This" dropping soon on Lex Records. Doom is an original member of KMD, also responsible for some classic rap music, ("Operation DOOM's Day" , "Viktor Vaughn") but after his 2004 Rhymesayers release "Mmmm...Food", DOOM has been MIA. Lately Metal Fingers is best known for sending impostures to his shows (to support a rumored album project called "DOOMposter,") not putting out any material, not doing any press, or having any web presence. He did however do a great job of burning his fan base and pissing off other artists and promoters making it harder to book alternative rap shows, peep KNO of QN5's open letter. After all the lip syncing imposture rumors with video evidence too boot made their way around the interweb, there were a number of forums and blogs with DOOM's entire discography on zhare and in torrent form is spite of his anti fan actions.
Doom is a great rapper, It will interesting to see if this album gets any love.
The first single is iiright, decide for yourself. Ballskin

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Saturday, 17 January 2009

Row Fisherman

This is a classic roots reggae album by The Congos originally recorded in 1977 at Lee Perrys Black Ark Studio. This album is considered Scratch's most consistent and brilliant album, with back up singers like Gregory Isaacs, The Meditations, and Heptones. Lee Perry was working with Island Records at the time the, but because of politics never got the album the distribution that it deserved. But you can most certainly get get yourself a copy on iTunes.


Thursday, 15 January 2009

Beat Down Season

Big Up to my homie Rack Lo for a super dope album "Beat Down Season", I just got my copy today. Classic Lo-Life Material.
Available on iTunes and Amazon for your downloading pleasure.
Peep the single "80's Baby"


NTB Albums Of The Year

This was a good year for Hip Hop, plenty of great releases, it was hard to keep up. In these digital days its takes a good minute to source out when the albums are dropping and where to cop them. and were staples all year, but it really seems that blogs are the future for Internet communication. There are just too many great blogs to start listing here, but there are some good ones listed at the bottom of this blog to start with. So after listening to as many major release as I could afford or sample, and reading other people reviews, one album just keeps coming up in my rotation, Jeanius.
This is Jeans first album since the very strong 2004 LP "This Week", that was mostly slept on outside of New York. And it wasn't soon after that the buzz and rumors for a colabo with Little Brothers 9th Wonder started to circulate on forums and sites. Unlike other super hyped albums that take years to drop and don't live up to the hype, Jeanius lives up the title.
From front to back 9th Wonder works out every beat to compliment the content without over shining the artist. Jean's lyrics are clearly recited, well written, brutally honest, interesting, varied, and compelling.
After a very hype two verse "Intro" track, emcee Daily Planet accompanies Jean on the funky "2-32'S" setting the mood for the album. 9th re-masters the very bass heavy "Don't Rush Me," into a high def track, followed by the very personal "My Story", where Jean gives you a sneak peek into her world and travels. The album continues with incredible tracks "Think About It", "#8", and the very sexy "Love Thirst" with a great video to match. The album wraps up with the drum heavy crew track "Smash Mouth".
Jeanius had everything I was looking for in an album this year, but was followed in a very close second by Living Legend emcee The Grouch's "Show you the World". This is another album that I could almost write the same review for. Every beat is tight, the content is relevant and honest without being preachy. Stand out track include "Artsy", "Clones", "Never Die" and the last track on the album "Breath".
The last album that stood out and satyed heavy in my rotation was the very hardcore "Main Source" by Queens legend, Large Professor. Keep reading the blog for a full interview and album review.
Looking forward to 09!



Monday, 12 January 2009


Peep this new concept MacBook, the Wheel, looks silly, like a folding Ipod.

08 Wrap up

Its that's time of year for MC Mad Skillz, one of the best lyricist ever to drop the 08 Wrap Up...Amazing.


Back in Effect

Peace and Happy New Year!
I took a little bit of a blog break in the past few weeks, but it's a new year, new time and I'm back in full effect. After spending the holiday season away from TV and the stinkernet with family in Ontario I started to miss posting and digging around for gadgets, free (legal) music, fresh gear, concept cars and politics. Just before the new year I was really busy with some cool missions and assignments, including Buck 65, the last Hip Hop show at the Knitting Factory, Marley Marl, Arizona, and 88 Keys... Stay tuned to Northern Touch Blog for more!






Saturday, 3 January 2009

Who Gets U.S. Foreign Aid

Parade Magazine recently featured an article on the top six (with another 4 in less detail) countries that receive foreign aid from the US. Check it out its pretty interesting to see where our money is going and what its being used for.

The U.S. will give an estimated $26 billion in foreign aid in 2008—70% more than when President George W. Bush took office (the figure doesn’t include funds related to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan). More than 150 countries get financial assistance from the U.S. Here are the six that received the most this year.

1. Israel
AID- $2.4 billion
PURPOSE- Virtually all of this money is used to buy weapons (up to 75% made in the U.S.). Beginning in 2009, the U.S. plans to give $30 billion over 10 years.

2. Egypt
AID- $1.7 billion
PURPOSE- $1.3 billion to buy weapons; $103 million for education; $74 million for health care; $45 million to promote civic participation and human rights.

3. Pakistan
AID- $798 million
PURPOSE- $330 million for security efforts, including military-equipment upgrades and border security; $20 million for infrastructure.

They're are another 7 on parade magazines web site check it out Here

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