Thursday, 15 January 2009

NTB Albums Of The Year

This was a good year for Hip Hop, plenty of great releases, it was hard to keep up. In these digital days its takes a good minute to source out when the albums are dropping and where to cop them. and were staples all year, but it really seems that blogs are the future for Internet communication. There are just too many great blogs to start listing here, but there are some good ones listed at the bottom of this blog to start with. So after listening to as many major release as I could afford or sample, and reading other people reviews, one album just keeps coming up in my rotation, Jeanius.
This is Jeans first album since the very strong 2004 LP "This Week", that was mostly slept on outside of New York. And it wasn't soon after that the buzz and rumors for a colabo with Little Brothers 9th Wonder started to circulate on forums and sites. Unlike other super hyped albums that take years to drop and don't live up to the hype, Jeanius lives up the title.
From front to back 9th Wonder works out every beat to compliment the content without over shining the artist. Jean's lyrics are clearly recited, well written, brutally honest, interesting, varied, and compelling.
After a very hype two verse "Intro" track, emcee Daily Planet accompanies Jean on the funky "2-32'S" setting the mood for the album. 9th re-masters the very bass heavy "Don't Rush Me," into a high def track, followed by the very personal "My Story", where Jean gives you a sneak peek into her world and travels. The album continues with incredible tracks "Think About It", "#8", and the very sexy "Love Thirst" with a great video to match. The album wraps up with the drum heavy crew track "Smash Mouth".
Jeanius had everything I was looking for in an album this year, but was followed in a very close second by Living Legend emcee The Grouch's "Show you the World". This is another album that I could almost write the same review for. Every beat is tight, the content is relevant and honest without being preachy. Stand out track include "Artsy", "Clones", "Never Die" and the last track on the album "Breath".
The last album that stood out and satyed heavy in my rotation was the very hardcore "Main Source" by Queens legend, Large Professor. Keep reading the blog for a full interview and album review.
Looking forward to 09!



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