Monday, 19 January 2009

Liquidation sale at Circuit City, eh? Not!

So yesterday Melissa and I went looking for a cheap flat screen TV at the now bankrupt electronics retail giant Circuit City. After a preliminary search on the Internet for sales and discounted items that resulted in nothing, we made the trip to the North Bergan location. On the way we were going over what size we wanted, where we would put it, and trying to guess just how good the deals would be. As we got into the parking lot we passed dudes holding signs reading "liquidation Sale 30% off". Right away we started to think that something was funny, because 30% isn't that great a deal, considering the circumstances. We make are way into the warehouse sized zoo like atmosphere and head right to the flat screen section. Noticing that there are no prices on anything, we walk around for 20 minutes before we see store staff to ask whats going on. Finally I track down one of the 3 people that seemed to be working, with the 300 plus customers standing around like confused pylons. The lady tells me I have to write down the skew number of the item and one of the staff will punch it into the computer for the price. We do so, and hunt down one of the totally overworked and apathetic employees to check on the prices. When she brings up the price of a 40' Sony Bravia for $2,888 I ask her to double check. She continues to check the prices of the other TV we were interested in, all totally over priced, with no discount at all. "There are demos" I say to the girl, she responds, "take 10% off". 10% off an already marked up item, out of the box, is not a liquidation sale. There was nothing on sale. Nothing. If anything digital cameras, blank media, printers and computer accessories were 10-15% higher than other retailers.
Save your time and money, there is a good reason Circuit City is going out of business. Read more here.

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