Sunday, 18 January 2009

New DOOM Record?

Its seems the Masked Villain, MF Doom is back with a new album titeled "Born Into This" dropping soon on Lex Records. Doom is an original member of KMD, also responsible for some classic rap music, ("Operation DOOM's Day" , "Viktor Vaughn") but after his 2004 Rhymesayers release "Mmmm...Food", DOOM has been MIA. Lately Metal Fingers is best known for sending impostures to his shows (to support a rumored album project called "DOOMposter,") not putting out any material, not doing any press, or having any web presence. He did however do a great job of burning his fan base and pissing off other artists and promoters making it harder to book alternative rap shows, peep KNO of QN5's open letter. After all the lip syncing imposture rumors with video evidence too boot made their way around the interweb, there were a number of forums and blogs with DOOM's entire discography on zhare and in torrent form is spite of his anti fan actions.
Doom is a great rapper, It will interesting to see if this album gets any love.
The first single is iiright, decide for yourself. Ballskin

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