Thursday, 8 July 2010

Victor Rasuk

This is an edit from a shoot with Victor Rasuk at the Sunshine Theater in the LES, for Urban Latino Magazine. You might know Victor from some dope movies like 'Raising Victor Vargas' and "The Lords of Dogtown' and most recently from HBO's very cool 'How to Make it in America'. Season two should be starting in September! Check out Aloe Blac's very moving, and appropriate soundtrack, "I need a dollar" video.


Ms. Kidd

Peep this behind the scenes video of a shoot I did with the lovely and talented Joumanna Kidd for Set Magazine.


Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Bugatti Veyron 16.4

Ever wonder how fast $1.7 million will take you? Oh, about an average speed of 267.81 mph. The Bugatti Veyron is the the worlds fastest vehicle according the the uber cool German Technical Inspection agency, and the kooks at The Guinness Book of World Records. The same people who actually have a record for things like the 'stupidest book ever written' and the 'heaviest car balanced on head'. Don't believe me, peep it.


Vans X Filson

Filson makes apparel that is pretty much bomb proof. The brand that started making high quality goods in 1897 hooked up with Vans for this very fresh collaboration. Get your set at Soto Berlin


Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Bamboo buds

Check out these fresh ear buds made from handcrafted bamboo, get yours at Reveal.



Check out this very cool wallpaper design, simple and clever.



Friday, 2 July 2010

Canadian Rap

Ever wonder what Canadian really rap sounds like? Check out the countries best emcees talking and rapping about just that. No, Drake is not apart of the conversation, because simply, Drake is not an emcee. I could fill a few post with just how wack Drake is, but I will eave that to NPR, or the Culture Bully who actually listen to his album. Buck 65 and Maestro Fresh Wes are some of the best rappers on the planet, who put Canada on the map, long before Drake jumped in a wheel chair as an actor.

Quiet Life 5 panels

One of my favourite brands The Quiet Life has a whole bunch of new products available on their site including new very fresh 5 panels.


Thursday, 1 July 2010

Rose Garden

Check out this really great new track and video from London native Toronto transplant Shad K. According to my homies at Hip Hop is Read, Shad's new record TSOL is one of the best records of the year -- I would have to agree. (Dig that 5 panel, Shad!).
Check out this interview with Shad from Beatnik.

Eh, Aboot Buddy.

Happy Dominion Day (Canada Day, as per Phileas Cote) to all my Canucks!! It was the enactment of The British North American Act signed way back in 1867 that made Canada one amazing country. For all of those who might be a little confused, or not be fully versed with Canada here are some facts for you:

- What does Canada mean? it comes from a St. Lawrence Iroquoian word, kanata, which means village or settlement.

- Canada has the world's second largest country areawise (including its waters), and fourth largest in land area.

- Half of Canada is covered with forests, which should not be surprising, considering one-tenth of the world's forests are here. It is also home to the polar and the grizzly bear.

- Canada is responsible for many inventions including basketball, the electric light bulb, the electric range, the electron microscope, the telephone, standard time, the television, and the zipper, and the first snowmobile were invented in this remarkable country.

- Toronto is the largest city of Canada, with a population of more than 5 million people. Toronto dwellers hold more university degrees than any other big city in the world.

- Canada is also known to have the highest quality of life in the world, according to the United Nations Human Development Index.

"I know where I'm from, and I told you before, north of America, hard to ignore, everywhere I go man, I tell them for sure I'm from Canada, oh- a oh Canada!!!!!!" --- Classified


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